Long before this land was our land, it belonged to America’s first farmer — the bison.

As these majestic beasts traversed the Great Plains, roamed the Rocky Mountains, and migrated to the most southern of states, their hooves tilled the soil — helping to impart moisture into the land and plant native seeds.

This natural interaction between the bison and the soil allowed the fruits of the land to flourish and paved the way for America’s earliest humans.

As many as 4,000,000 bison migrated from the north to the south each fall and returned when spring rains brought fresh grass to the northern part of their range.

This yearly voyage was essential to the growth and prosperity of the land. At Froning Farms, we attempt to imitate the beneficial and natural interaction of bison with the soil.

While their natural migration pattern will never be completely replicated, it is our belief that the best ingredients were born from the efforts of America’s first farmers. It is our duty to respect the practices set forth by America’s true founders and offer you the freshest, most natural ingredients available.

100% Natural. 100% American.